Stegner in the Virginia Quarterly

Kevin Morrissey, Managing Editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, alerted me to an essay he published recently on the VQR website reviewing Stegner’s contributions to the Virginia Quarterly back in the 1930s and 1940s.

He writes:

As part of a recent project to document the history of VQR, our student interns and staff are writing on specific authors and their contributions to our magazine. VQR was proud to publish Stegner early in his career and along with the essay, we’ve just made freely available online the three short stories and three book reviews that Stegner published with VQR, along with images of his original manuscripts, and a biographical and critical essay on Stegner by Patricia Rowe Willrich from our Spring 1991 issue.

What a wonderful service to Stegnerians everywhere!


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